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Mgr. Ivana Vavrova
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School Agent was created to save your time and energy, helps you find the best nursery, preschool or primary and secondary school in and out of Prague and Czech Republic plus abroad and provides you with "agent's extra discount“ for the tuition.

As a former manager and a director of three International Preschools parents and companies call me for help on the selection of a school for their children or the children of their employees. They ask me which one I would personally recommend as I know very well what private nursery, preschool, primary and secondary school should offer: program, staff, tuition etc.

I have personally visited the nurseries, preschools and schools that caught my attention and when we came to an agreement I put them on the list for my clients.

I am able to help also schools solving the problem of their expensive and often ineffective advertising. In this business the personal recommendation is and will be one of the most effective marketing tools. I offer help with new clients, marketing advisory and help also for those who have just decided building new school and do not know how.

In the section Cooperators on this website you can find important contacts and read about all the people whose services are also part of my recommendation. I would like to thank especially my talented web designer Eva Poštulková and webmaster Marek Slavík who have created this wonderful website

The section References is full of recommendation for my services and was created for any of the clients (parents, companies) who would like to write about any experience with my service.

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Insurance consultant
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Massage from Jirka in your house
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Golf for Kids
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Kids Sports Academy
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Home and company cleaning
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visa, accommodation and much more
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Educational toys and books
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Minecraft & Adventure
Summer Day Camps
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Matching people with English teachers in Prague
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I asked Ivana to help us with the selection of the right pre-school for our little one. She suggested a number of places, provided us with some insight information, and she was even able to provide discounts for certain pre-schools. Thank you, Ivana! Lucie Gertner

Mgr. Ivana Vávrová has been working for our school as a Manager for 6 years. She has always been very responsible, creative with great organizational skills and very supportive to all the teachers as well as our parents. On a daily routine she has been responsible for smooth running of our school, keeping and preparing all the documents for our accountancy, tuition payments, preparing all the documents when hiring new teachers, communications with our parents, cooperating with the owner and the principal on marketing activities, cooperating in creating the whole concept of the school, our curriculum, organizing different events etc. Mgr. Markéta Kynclová, Principal of Neverland The International Art Preschool

I have meet Mrs. Vavrova when she was working as a Manager in Neverland Pre-school. We start taking our children to Neverland in 2008. As an expat family you can imagine our worries to take the children to an International School without knowing English. Mrs. Vavrova was the first person we meet at School. She helps us since the very first moment in any subject regarding to our needs. I can feel like her very customer oriented, trying to help all families even if it wasn't her direct responsibility. Another thing that I personally appreciate on her is the optimism that she usually shows in her image and behavior. Patricia Collados, HR Manager

Ivana helped me to find a nursery for my then 2.5 months old daughter, a difficult task in the Czech Republic. She also negotiated a discount and remained in contact with me to stay updated on the quality of the nursery. Dekuju! Anke, Germany

We are so thankful Ivanka helped us find a good english school for us in Prague. I just told her what we needed and she immediately found the preschool that fits our needs, plus 10% discount for the first 3 months, which is awesome :) I Thank you and hope you will help other mothers as well to find what best fits them and their children! She has a lot of experience and great reviews for each preschool.My son is really happy at his new preschool and I couldn't have made a better decision by my self.Dana Odainic, Republic of Moldova

We moved back to Prague recently and we were desperate to find "the perfect" English preschool for our son (3.5). My husband and I were a feeling a bit overwhelmed by the so many possibilities here, and we were in a huge hurry because of other things we had to take care of, but, thanks to Ivanka (of whom I've heard only good things in a Facebook moms' group), we found the IDEAL school in less than 3 days! Ivanka is perfect when it comes to professionally and efficiently take care of your most particular and indivual needs while looking for a school, and we are extremely thankful to her for saving us so much time, and even money! We fully recommend her! Grazie, Ivanka!Magdalena Graef, Czech Republic

The meeting with the School Agent has very inspiring. She adviced to change our approach, advised on what specifically pay attention and vice versa where not to waste energy. We moved not a step but a leap forward. Now we have in our preschool almost no spot left and parents are still applying. Huge thanks go to School Agent because meeting her was the best impuls for this great change.Magda, Director of preschool

Ivana was very helpful with finding the right preschool for our little one, in the maze of so many possibilities she was able to pick one that felt right for all of us. I would recommend her services!Heda Mahé

Ivana is not only professional, but also a wonderful person. Ivana approaches to their work with full commitment and passion. Her work greatly exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend her services to everyone!Michał Kraśniewski, Praha, Czech Republic

Finding a nursery is not so easy for a foreigner in Prague, but Ivana made it easy by providing several options and arranging visits. Our daughter is now happily enrolled in a nursery and is enjoying the interaction with other kids. Just as promised, the service was free of charge for us and we got a 10% discount during the first tri-mester.Benny, Prague, Czech Republic

Thank you Ivanka for being the angel in our life. Ivanka has helped us finding a kindergarten for our 2 years old daughter Amaya. We have been in touch with her since 6-8 months and we highly recommend her services. She has not only helped us searching a kindergarten but has facilitated the process. She is very professional and a customer oriented person. Thanks a lot Ivanka.Somya Shetty, Recruitment Consultant

Děkuji paní Ivance za doporučení vegetariánské školky, kde jsou velice ochotni připravit pro mého syna i veganské jídlo, které mu i moc chutná!Zemanová, Praha



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